KOYO Bearing Analysis of Trajectory and Operating Methods
When KOYO bearing rotation when the raceway surface of the bearing inner and outer rings and rolling body is due to rolling contact, so run track for the dark side, running track attached to the roller surface are not unusual, thus becomes available known load conditions, so when disassembly KOYO bearings, please pay attention and observe strict raceway running track.
If you look at the trajectory, then this will only burden that radial load to bear large axial load, moment load to bear, or in the extreme rigidity of the bearing housing inequality. You can check whether the bearing loads and added an unexpected installation error is big enough, etc., and become investigated for clues to the cause bearing damage.
Contact seals are seal parts relative to its moving parts there is no gap seal. This seal due to direct contact seal with a mating member, it is generally only suitable for medium and low speed operating conditions. Friction in the work of a large, heat is also large, the contact surface is easy to wear, resulting in performance degradation and sealing effect. Contact seal commonly used form of blankets seals, cup seals and other structure.
According to the bearing operating conditions and the working environment of the sealed bearing KOYO degree requirements in the design of the seal is often the comprehensive use of various forms, in order to achieve a better seal.
Generally from the use of perspective to note the following:
1, KOYO bearing clearance should be appropriate, too large an impact, too small to poor lubrication, may bush-burning.
2, KOYO bearing and journal surface quality and geometry should be strictly guaranteed.
3, to improve the quality of lubrication, control oil pressure, temperature and flow, strengthen the oil filter.
4, the control of the diesel engine temperature condition in the case of cold hot work are unfavorable. Cold weather, diesel engine starter should be preceded by warm-up, and the hand crank to make the oil into the friction surface.
5, using compliant fuel and lubricants.
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