Double Direction Angular Contact Ball Bearings

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Double Direction Angular Contact Ball Bearings models
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Double Direction Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Double direction angular contact thrust ball bearing are specially designed high precision bearings for the main spindles of machine tools.
Compared with the thrust ball bearings in the 511 series, this type contains more balls of smaller diameter and has a contact angle of 60°. Consequently, the influence of centrifugal force is less and they can withstand higher speed and have higher rigidity.

Double direction angular contact ball bearings in series 20 and 29 have the same inner and outer diameters as the double-row cylindrical roller bearings in series NN30 and NN49 respectively, and they are both used for high axial loads.
Their cages are machined brass.
There are the BTR,BAR series of highly rigid angular contact ball bearings suitable for high speed that can be easily replaced by these double-direction angular contact ball bearings.

Double direction thrust angular contact ball bearing
234406M.SP 234407M.SP 234408M.SP 234409M.SP 234410M.SP 234411M.SP
234706M.SP 234707M.SP 234708M.SP 234709M.SP 234710M.SP 234711M.SP
234412M.SP 234413M.SP 234414M.SP 234415M.SP 234416M.SP 234417M.SP
234712M.SP 234713M.SP 234714M.SP 234715M.SP 234716M.SP 234717M.SP
234418M.SP 234419M.SP 234420M.SP 234421M.SP 234422M.SP 234424M.SP
234718M.SP 234719M.SP 234720M.SP 234721M.SP 234722M.SP 234724M.SP
234426M.SP 234428M.SP 234430M.SP 234432M.SP 234434M.SP 234436M.SP
234726M.SP 234728M.SP 234730M.SP 234732M.SP 234734M.SP 234736M.SP
234438M.SP 234440M.SP 234444M.SP 234448M.SP 234452M.SP 234456M.SP
234738M.SP 234740M.SP 234744M.SP 234748M.SP 234752M.SP 234756M.SP
234460M.SP 234464M.SP 234468M.SP 234472M.SP 234476M.SP 234480M.SP
234760M.SP 234764M.SP 234768M.SP 234772M.SP 234776M.SP 234780M.SP
Single direction thrust angular contact ball bearing
7602012TVP 7602015TVP 7602017TVP 7602020TVP 7603020TVP 7602025TVP
7603025TVP 7602030TVP 7603030TVP 7602035TVP 7603035TVP 7602040TVP
7603040TVP 7602045TVP 7603045TVP 7602050TVP 7603050TVP 7602055TVP
7603055TVP 7602060TVP 7603060TVP 7602065TVP 7603065TVP 7602070TVP
7603070TVP 7602075TVP 7603075TVP 7602080TVP 7603080TVP 7602085TVP
7603085TVP 7602090TVP 7603090TVP 7602095TVP 7603095TVP 7602100TVP

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