Spherical Roller Bearings

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Spherical Roller Bearings models
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Spherical roller bearings have an outer ring with an internal spherical shape. The rollers are thicker in the middle and thinner at the ends. Spherical roller bearings can thus accommodate both static and dynamic misalignment. However, spherical rollers are difficult to produce and thus expensive, and the bearings have higher friction than an ideal cylindrical or tapered roller bearing since there will be a certain amount of sliding between rolling elements and rings.

Spherical roller bearings can take, not only heavy radial loads, but also some axial loads in either direction. They have excellent radial load-carrying capacity and are suitable for use where there are heavy or impact loads.
Some spherical roller bearings have tapered bores and may be mounted directly on tapered shafts or cylindrical shafts using adapters or withdrawal sleeves. Pressed steel and machined brass cages are used.

Spherial roller bearings according to cage different types can be classified as follows:
■ Spherical Roller Bearing CC/W33 series
■ Spherical Roller Bearing CA/W33 series
■ Spherical Roller Bearing F3 series
■ Spherical Roller Bearing MB cage series
■ Spherical Roller Bearing E Strength series

Structures and Suffix Code of Popular Series Spherical Roller Bearings:
According to the bearing dimensions and series, choose one of the following internal designs and design the different series spherical roller bearings. The following chart is the spherical roller bearings with different inner rings and the structures of cage.

Different Type Model Characteristics
CA Type One guide ring guided by the inner ring with rims at two sides, forked type machined brass cages
CC Type One guide ring guided by the inner ring, two window-type steel cages
E Type With one guide ring guided by the outer ring, two window-type steel cage
MB Type Inner ring with the whole medium rim,inner ring with rims at two sides, machined brass cage with inner guide
MA Type Inner ring with the whole medium rim. Inner ring with rims at two sides, the machine brass cage with outer guide

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