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Auto Wheel Ball Bearings models
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Auto Wheel Ball Bearings

Auto Wheel hub bearing (hub bearing) is the main function of bearing and provide accurate guide to the rotation of the wheels, it was under axial load and bear radial load, is a very important component.
Traditional car wheel with bearing is combined by two sets of tapered roller bearings or ball bearings, and the installation of the bearing, oil seal and clearance adjustment is carried out on the auto production line. This structure makes it in the car factory assembly difficulty, high cost and poor reliability, and when the car in pits maintenance, also need to clean, oil bearing and adjustment.

The wheel hub units we produced would have gears ring, non-gears ring or magnetic seals externally. The seals structure can be classified into a seal (shields), double seals (shields) and multi-sealed on both sides. Our products have good sealing performance, long working life, easy installation and convenience of maintaining. Wheel hub units are widely used in variety of cars, buses, medium or heavy trucks. They are mainly used on Ford, Chrysler, Benz, BMW ,AUDI, FIAT, Toyota,Nissan, Santana and etc.

Features of auto wheel ball bearing:
1. Low-noise, high-speed, suitable for the motor bearings and automotive bearings.
The suitable lubricant in accordance with the using environments of the bearings or the customer's requirements .
2. Appropriate radial clearance in accordance with the using environments of the bearings or the customer's requirements .
3. All products are made from high quality steel and have the characteristics of wear-resistant and strong high -loading capacity.
4. Auto Bearing is widely used in many applications, but the most common application is used in cars. All parts have been calculated by computers to avoid unnecessary weight to our auto bearing. HHYG also accept custom orders. Our team composed of professionally trained engineers will help our clients to make their designs come true!

Maintenance of auto wheel ball bearings:
In the process of maintenance, often find some cars have bigger noise, check tire no abnormal wear and tear, no sound in the lifting machine rotating wheels. This phenomenon is often caused by wheel hub bearing abnormal damage, abnormal refers to the bearing damage due to installation. Car front wheel bearings are generally double row ball bearing, if you use the hammer knock when install the bearing installation, or when the bearing is installed into the bearing installation, by means of the pressure bearing inner ring can cause side bearing raceway damage. When the vehicle noise, and when the wheel off the ground because of race a better side, so can't hear the noise significantly. The correct installation operation is the key to long bearing life.

Front wheel hub bearings
Wheel hub bearings 1st generation
Wheel hub bearings second generation
Automobile air-compressor bearing

Models in different brands interchange: ( for example )
Model Size/mm Weight /KG Brand interchange  
SKF FAG KOYO Seal type
DAC35660037 35*66*37 0.48 BAHB311309 544307 BAHB0023 C.E
DAC35720033 35*72*33 0.58 BAHB633669 548083 GB12094 B.C.D
DAC35720034 35*72*34 0.6 35BWD01 540763 DAC357234A B
DAC36720534 36*72.05*34 0.58 36BWD01C 559225 DAC367234A A
DAC40740040 40*74*40 0.66 801136 559493 DAC407440 CD
DAC42800342 42*80.03*42 0.81 BA2B309609AD 527243C DAC4280B 2RS B.C
DAC38740050 38*74*50 0.78 38BWD06 559192   B.G.
DAC30600337 30*60.03*37 0.42 633313C VBF6-256706 545312 B.C.D

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