CARB Toroidal Roller Bearings

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CARB Toroidal Roller Bearings models
CARB Toroidal Roller Bearings

CARB toroidal roller bearings combine the self-aligning capability of spherical roller bearings with the axial displacement ability of cylindrical roller bearings . CARB bearings can also have the compact cross section and high load carrying capacity normally associated with needle roller bearings.

CARB bearings are intended exclusively as non-locating bearings. They can simplify the bearing arrangement design for shafts that are subjected to thermal expansion/contraction because axial displacement is accommodated within the bearing, virtually without friction. Bearing systems consisting of a spherical roller bearing in the locating position and a CARB bearing in the non-locating positionprovide a space and weight-saving bearing system with a low cost of ownership. CARB bearings can reduce noise and vibration levels, e.g. in paper machines and fans. CARB bearings are single row bearings with long, slightly barrel-shaped symmetrical rollers.

C3130K C3130 C4130V C4130K30V
C2230 C2230K C3032K C3032
C4032K30 C4032 C4032K30V C4032V
C3132KMB C3132MB C4132V C4132K30V
C3232 C3232K C3034K C3034
C4034K30V C4034V C3134 C3134K
C4134V C4134K30V C2234 C3036
C3036K C3036K/HA3C4 C4036V C4036K30V
C3136K/HA3C4 C3136K C3136 C4136V
C4136K30V C3236 C3236K C3038K
C3038 C4038V C4038K30V C3138

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