Ball Screw Support Bearings

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Ball Screw Support Bearings models
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Ball Screw Support Bearings

High precision angular contact thrust ball bearings to support ball screws,have better performance than earlier combinations of angular contact ball bearings or combinations using thrust bearings .They are especially suitable for high precision machine tool feeding mechanisms and similar applications.

■ TAC B series (Machine tool applications )
The axial rigidity is high because of a large number of balls and a contact angle of 60 degrees.Compared with tapered roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings,this type has lower starting smoother rotation is possible with less driving force.  

■ TAC 02 03 SERIES (Electric Injection Molding Machines )
TAC02 and TAC 03 series are angular contact ball bearings that provide support for large size ball screws operating under a heavy load from the driving mechanism of electric injection molding machines.Low torque is achieved by optimum design of the bearings .

TAC B series and TAC 02 03 SERIES differentce:
electric injection molding machines produce a heavier load on ball screw support bearings than that of machine tools.TAC02 and TAC 03 series are designed to operate under such heavy loads conditions.Conversely ,TAC B bearings are designed for increased permissible load by increasing the number of balls and bearing width.

TAC: Angular contact thrust ball bearing,60 degree contact angle.
C10: Standard preload . C9 : light preload.
DB: Back to back arrangement  DF: Face to face arrangement  DT: Tandem arrangement
SU: universal arrangement (single row )   DU : universal arrangement (double row )

Model d(mm) D(mm) T(mm) Weight(kg)
15TAC47B 15 47 15 0.144
17TAC47B 17 47 15 0.272
20TAC47B 20 47 15 0.135
25TAC62B 25 62 15 0.252
30TAC62B 30 62 15 0.224
35TAC72B 35 72 15 0.31

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