NSK bearing HTF 045-7 A-G5NC3**01( 8972530981) top 10 bearing manufacturers

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NSK bearing HTF 045-7 A-G5NC3**01( 8972530981) top 10 bearing manufacturers

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Cylindrical roller bearings are of high load capacity and can operate at high speeds because they use rollers as their rolling elements. They can therefore be used in applications involving heavy radial and impact loading.

The rollers are cylindrical in shape and crowned at the end in order to reduce the stress concentrations. They are also suitable for applications that require high speed because the rollers are guided by ribs which are either on the outer or inner ring.

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With the absence of ribs, either the inner or outer ring will move freely so as to adjust to axial movement hence can be used as free side bearings. This enables them to absorb shaft expansion to a certain extent, relative to the housing position.

NU and NJ type cylindrical roller bearings produce high performance results when used as free side bearings because they possess the required characteristics for that purpose. NF type cylindrical roller bearing also supports the displacement of the axial to a certain extent in both directions and therefore can be used as a free side bearing.

In applications where heavy axial loads have to be supported, cylindrical roller thrust bearings are the most suitable. This is because they are designed to contain shock loads, are stiff and the axial space required is little. They only support axial loads that are acting in a single direction.

Detailed applications

Specifically, our cylindrical roller bearings can be used in industrial transmission, automotive, electric motor, generator sets, elevating machinery, machine tool spindles as well as internal-combustion engines, etc.


These roller bearings can be separated and are easy to mount as well as dismount.
These bearings are for cars

NSK HTF045-7-A-G5NC3**01 NSK RULMAN  *
NSK HTFR 25-34G5UR4 NSK RULMAN 25x52x15/11/14,5 40510 *
NSK HTFR 27-6G5UR4 NSK RULMAN 27X62X17/13,5/16,5 *
NSK J 32 - 2 CZ3 NSK RULMAN 32X75X20

Артикул Номер Номенклатура Производитель
140232 B879T12BDDNCX1MC() Подшипник NSK
140281 6307DDUC3E Подшипник NSK
140286 6004ZZC3E Подшипник NSK
140076 6000ZZ2CM Подшипник генератора NSK
140077 6001DDUC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140079 6200DDUC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140081 6201DDUC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140082 6201ZZC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140084 6202DDUC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140087 6203DDUC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140218 6204DDUC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140219 6205DDUC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140220 6206DDUC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140224 6902DD Подшипник генератора NSK
140235 B1050T12DDNCXCG101 Подшипник генератора NSK
140237 B1569T1XGRDDUCG101 Подшипник генератора NSK
140271 6000DDUC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140271 6000DDUC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140272 6002DDUC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140273 6003DDUC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140273 6003DDUC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140275 6207DDUC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140275 6207DDUC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140277 6301DDUC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140278 6304DDUC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140280 6306DDUC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140285 6003ZZC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140420 B1586AT1XDDG3WG01 Подшипник генератора NSK
140432 6202VVNCXCM Подшипник генератора NSK
140441 B1570AT1XGRDDG6G01 Подшипник генератора NSK
140631 6007DDUC3E Подшипник генератора NSK
140957 EP5B17127T1XDDGC01 Подшипник генератора NSK
140989 B1257T1XDDW1NCXC01 Подшипник генератора NSK
250012 30BD5222T1XDDUM6CG02 Подшипник кондиционера NSK
250187 35BD5020T12DDUCG33 Подшипник кондиционера NSK
250211 35BD5222T1XDDUM2CG01 Подшипник кондиционера NSK
HTF045-7-A-G5NC3**01 HTF045-7-A-G5NC3**01 Подшипник ступицы (комплект) NSK
56816 60TB0732A Ролик натяжителя приводного ремня NSK
56905 50TB0526B02 Ролик натяжителя приводного ремня NSK
58101 60TB0648E Ролик опорный ГРМ NSK

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