NSK ball bearings meaning on angular contact bearing 25TAC62B

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NSK ball bearings meaning on angular contact bearing 25TAC62B

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  • Anglular contact ball bearing steel balls and inside and outside the points of contact with the circle attachment radial into a point of view. Contact Angle generally divided into 15 °, 30 °, 40 °, respectively for the letter C, A, B says, NSK special production contact Angle for 25 ° of these bearings, with the A5 said. Angle contact ball bearing main bear big one-way axial load, the greater the contact Angle, the greater the ability to bear a heavy load. Maintains a material with a steel, brass or engineering plastic, forming a way to have a press or turning, depending on the bearings form or conditions of use different and choose. There are other combined angular contact ball bearing, double row angular contact ball bearing and four-point contact ball bearing.
  • Angle contact ball bearings are widely used in mechanical industry,like in various machinery such as metallurgic machinery,mining machinery,paper making machinery,exile machinery,etc.
  • Types : angular contact ball bearings can be devived into the following types.

           A single Angle contact bearings
           Double row angular contact bearings
           Four Angle contact bearings

Commodity name NSK ball screw support Angular contact thrust ball bearing
Bearing model bearing 25TAC62BSUC10PN7B
Bearing specification 25*62*15 mm bearing
Weight /KG 0.252 KG
Bearing Series TAC series
Ring Materical Chrome Steel
Quality standard ISO9001:2008
Bearing Precision P5 ,P4
Main use machine tool
Service OEM service offer

Our stock list.

17TAC47B 17*47*15 30TAC20X+L 30*62*34
20TAC47B 20*47*15 40TAC20X+L 40*68*36
25TAC62B 25*62*15 45TAC20X+L 45*75*38
30TAC62B 30*62*15 50TAC20X+L 50*80*38
35TAC72B 35*72*15 55TAC20X+L 55*90*44
40TAC72B 40*72*15 60TAC20X+L 60*95*44
40TAC90B 40*90*20 65TAC20X+L 65*100*44
45TAC75B 45*75*15 70TAC20X+L 70*110*48
45TAC100B 45*100*20 75TAC20X+L 75*115*48
50TAC100B 50*100*20 80TAC20X+L 80*125*54
55TAC100B 55*100*20 85TAC20X+L 85*130*54
55TAC120B 55*120*20 90TAC20X+L 90*140*60
60TAC120B 60*120*20 95TAC20X+L 95*145*60
180TAC20D+L 180*280*120 100TAC29X+L 100*140*48
190TAC29D+L 190*260*84 100TAC20X+L 100*150*60
190TAC20D+L 190*290*120 105TAC29X+L 105*145*48
200TAC29D+L 200*280*96 105TAC20X+L 105*160*66
200TAC20D+L 200*310*132 110TAC29X+L 110*150*48
220TAC29D+L 220*300*96 110TAC20X+L 110*170*72
220TAC20D+L 220*340*144 120TAC29X+L 120*165*54
240TAC29D+L 240*320*96 120TAC20X+L 120*180*72
240TAC20D+L 240*360*144 130TAC29X+L 130*180*60
260TAC29D+L 260*360*120 130TAC20X+L 130*200*84
260TAC20D+L 260*400*164 140TAC29D+L 140*190*60
280TAC29D+L 280*380*120 140TAC20D+L 140*210*84
280TAC20D+L 280*420*164 150TAC29D+L 150*210*72
300TAC29D+L 300*420*144 150TAC20D+L 150*225*90
320TAC29D+L 320*440*144 160TAC29D+L 160*220*72
340TAC29D+L 340*480*144 160TAC20D+L 160*240*96
360TAC29D+L 360*480*144 170TAC29D+L 170*230*72
380TAC29D+L 380*520*164 170TAC20D+L 170*260*108
400TAC29D+L 400*540*164 180TAC29D+L 180*250*84


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