SYBR 608CE Ceramic Ball Bearings

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SYBR 608CE Ceramic Ball Bearings

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The Description of Ceramic Bearings:

Full ceramic bearing ZrO2 material has perfect propriety such like suitable for low and high temperatures, high load capacity, corrosion resistance, nonmagnetic insulated and self lubrication. Thus it suit for the specific applications which are not available for bearing steel and hybrid construction ceramic ball bearing materials.



Firstly, the ceramic bearing has the feature of corrosion risistance, the ceramic rolling bearing suitable for operation under harsh conditions covered corrosive media. 
Secondly, since the ceramic ball rolling has lower density than steel, so which is much lighter, so when you rotate the outer ring centrifugal effect can be reduced by 40%, thus greatly extended service life. 
Thirdly, the expansion and contraction of the ceramic affected smaller than steel, and therefore the gap of the bearing is constant, the bearing allows the temperature changes more severe environment. 
Fourthly, as the ceramic has higher modulus of elasticity than steel, when the force is not easy deformation, and therefore help to improve the operating speed and achieve high accuracy.

Characteristics of Ceramic Bearings:


1.High hardness,wearing resistance,low friction coefficient,good self-lubrcating

2.High temperature application,better thermal shock resistance

3.Higher fracture toughness,better shock resistance

4.Excellent resistance to chemical corrosion,it can endure all of acid corrosion and alkalescent corrosion,it's unstable for most strong alkali and molten salt.

5.The performance of contant similar to bearing steel ,similar forms of fatigue spalling


Advantages of Ceramic Bearings:


1.59% lighter than steel

2.The elastic modulus is 44% larger than steel

3.Hardness is higher than steel

4.Low friction

5.It can withstand temperature changes

6.Easy to access to almost perfect surface finish

7.High temperature resistance

8.Never rust,can work under the condition of no oil lubrication

9.More resistant to chemical corrosion

10.No metal pollution

11.No magnetism

12.Electric insulation

13.There is no adhesive wear reaction with metallic melts

The Specific Details of  Full Ceramic Bearing 608:

Sizes:8mm* 22 mm* 7 mm

Brand:SHR or others as your demands


Bearing type:Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Seals Type: Open sealed

Bearing Material: Ceramic

Cage Material: Ceramic

Precision Rating: P0,P6,P5,P4.P2

Number of Row: Single Row

Free sample: Yes

Ex-stock: 23000 pieces

Delivery time:2-3 days after confirming payment.

Payment:T/T Paypal Western Union or as your demands

Full Ceramic Bearings Pictures:


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