Eaton Fuller Transmission BS50019 2S Link-Belt Bearing

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Eaton Fuller Transmission BS50019 2S Link-Belt Bearing

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The Brief Introduction of Link-Belt Bearing:

Linkbelt standard and intermediate duty ball bearing units provide a versatility of application arrangements for carrying shafts with radial or a combination of radial and thrust loads. Linkbelt ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and spherical roller bearings are designed for general purpose industrial machinery, conveyors, chain and belts drives, fans and blowers, power transmission and many others applications.

Linkbelt membership American REXNORD transmission group, Link-Belt bearing is composed of a USA production, is one of the world's main bearing brand, wide application. Link-belt series of products are: B22400, B22600 series spherical roller bearing seat, spherical roller bearing box 6600, 6800, 7600, 7800, SAF22600...

The Linkbelt Bearings brand includes:


American link-BELT bearings affiliated to the United States REXNORD drive group, link-belt product line: spherical roller bearing B22400, B22600 series, spherical roller bearing box 6600,6800, SAF22600,7600,7800, SAF22300, cylindrical roller bearing M ( MA, MSN, MU) Series M1000,1200,1300,1900,5200,5300,7300, special drum spherical roller bearings A20000S (single row), A20000 / A20000M (double row).


P3U226, P3U226, P3U227, P3U228, P3U231, P3U232, P3U235, P3U236, P3U238, P3U238, P3U239, P3U240, P3U243, P3U244, P3U224, P3U223, P3U226, The PU324, PU332, PU332, PU316, PU316, PU318, PU332, PU332, PU332, PU332, PU244, PB22424, PB22424, PB22426, PB22426, PB22427, PB22428, PB22431, PB22432, PB22435, PB22436, PB22439, PB22440, PB22443, PB22443, PB22424, PB22444, PB22447, PB22448, PB22451, PB22455, PB22456, PB22459, PB22463, PB22464, CB22440, FB22427, FCB22423 and so on. Rexnord Group in order to facilitate the management of the brand, and gradually its various brands, such as linkBELT, REX, etc., unified as marked "REXNORD" outside the carton packaging. 


Link-BELT Bearing Model:

22218LB, 22215LB, 22218LBC3, 22236LBK, 22220LB, 22217LBK, 208-24 NO, 22222lbk / w33 / c3, 3232PT1C,


B22435HL, B22439HL, B22439HL, B22439HL, B22439HL, B22439HL, B22439HL, B22440HL, B22439HL, B22439HL, B22439HL, B22440HL, B22440HL


CSE-B22464H, CSE-B22464H, CSE-B22456H, CSE-B22456H, CSE-B22464H, CSE-B22464H, CSEB224H B224M100H, CSE-B22564H, CSE-B224M75H


Link-BELT Bearing Model:


F3-U243N, FB22435H, F3U2E56N, F3U247N, F3U2E56N, F3U247N, FE-B22424H,

FCE-U331, FC3-Y216N, FC-U331, FC-B22423H, FB22463H, FC-B22431H, FC-B22464H-0,

FCB22440H, FC-B22424H, FC-B22440H, FC-B22440H, FC-B22440H, FC-B2244H,

FC-B22464H, FE-B22424H, FC-B22639H, FCU339, FC-B22464H (FIXED), FC3-Y216N, F2219Z, FE-B2240H

PB22447H, PU247, PU327, PE-U347, PE-U347, P-LB6848R, P-B22443H, PE-U3K43, PB22448H, PEB22448H, P-U335, P3U228N, PB22451H, P22448H, P255, P3U210N, P3U211N, P3U212N, P3U214N

BS500192 Link Belt Eaton Fuller Transmission Cylindrical Roller Bearings:

Cylindrical roller bearing Link-Belt roller bearing BS500192 Stock List:

Model Brand Weight
BS223578  LINK BELT 19.885
BS223914 LINK BELT 17.531
BS226733 LINK BELT 16.783
BS227537 LINK BELT 5.824
BS227931 LINK BELT 32.205
BS2274333E LINK BELT 0.028
BS226178 LINK BELT 6.26
BS221982 LINK BELT 5.321
BS226392 LINK BELT 0.019
BS226976 LINK BELT 11.054
BS227448 LINK BELT 21.273
BS227830 LINK BELT 20.865
BS227831 LINK BELT 112.491
BS2255613 LINK BELT 0.397
BS225560 LINK BELT 1.62
BS223176 LINK BELT 25.855
BS227198C LINK BELT 5.561
BS227540 LINK BELT 1.91
BS226545 LINK BELT 0.113
BS226684E LINK BELT 24.948
BS226873 LINK BELT 1.134
BS227032 LINK BELT 22.77
BS226515 LINK BELT 0.098
BS226978 LINK BELT 22.68
BS227774 LINK BELT 82.73

Cylindrical roller bearing link-belt roller bearing application:

Link-belt roller bearing special cylindrical roller bearing pictures:

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