Link-Belt (Rexnord) MA5308EXC1020 American product Cylindrical roller bearings

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Link-Belt (Rexnord) MA5308EXC1020 American product Cylindrical roller bearings

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thrust roller bearings
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Angular contact ball bearings
Thrust ball bearings
Self-aligning ball bearing
Metric series cylindrical roller bearings are manufactured to ABMA boundary dimensions. These bearings require minimum space and provide maximum rated capacity. Various configurations including separable inner or outer ring combinations offer ample application flexibility. Additional features include: Rings of high quality bearing steel for strength, toughness and durability; Micro-finished raceways assure smooth operations; Exclusive honed crown on roller profile for optimized raceway contact area and high capacity; Structural design segmented retainer provides high strength, positive roller spacing and guidance; One-piece formed steel retainer provides positive roller spacing and controlled roller guidance or polymeric retainer of glass fiber reinforced nylon 6/6 provides full roller guidance, superior lubrication and reduced noise.


Manufacturer Name:REXNORD

BORE:45mm OD:1000mm Wdth:39.7mm 

Signle row cylindrical roller bearings

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MB2203R48 MB2203S MB2204 MB2204A MB2204S MB2206 MB2206S MB2207 MB220707 MB220746 MB220766 MB2207A
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MB251-12-PENPA MB251-12-TFFPA MB251-1316-PA MB251-1316L-PA MB251-14-51 MB251-14-E1PA MB251-14-E1PENPA
MB251-14-FFJFPA MB251-14-HFFPA MB251-14-HRSPA MB251-14-MHFFPA MB251-14-MKFFPA MB251-14-PA MB251-14-PENPA MB251-14-SFFPA MB251-14S-4PA MB251-14S-CBPBPA MB251-14S-E1PA MB251-14S-MHFFPA MB251-14S-MKFFPA MB251-14S-PA MB251-14S-PENPA MB251-14S-SFFPA MB251-14S-TFFPA MB251-14S-WOPPA MB251-1516-51 MB251-1516-51H MB251-1516-52 MB251-1516-52N MB251-1516-58 MB251-1516-E1PA MB251-1516-FFPA MB251-1516-PA MB251-1516-PENPA MB251-1516-SFFPA MB251-1516-TFFPA MB251-18-PA MB251-18-PENPA MB251-316-57 MB251-316-59 MB251-316-CAPA MB251-316-E1DLPA
MB251-316-E1PA MB251-316-FFPA MB251-316-HFFPA MB251-316-J57 MB251-316-JK82 MB251-316-PA MB251-316-PENPA
MB251-316-SFFPA MB251-316-TFFPA MB251-34-52N 

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